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Yarn Over (yo) | Knitting Increase

Mastering the Yarn Over (yo) Increase in Knitting

The yarn over (yo) increase is a fundamental knitting technique that adds an extra stitch to your projects. This method involves wrapping the yarn over the needle, creating an eyelet or decorative hole in the fabric. Perfect your knitting projects with this reliable and aesthetically pleasing stitch.

To execute the yarn over (yo) increase:

Wrap the Yarn Over: Begin by bringing the yarn to the front between the needles. Then, wrap the yarn over the right needle from front to back, creating a loop on the right needle.

Continue Knitting: Continue knitting the next stitch as instructed by your pattern. The yarn over loop will remain on the right needle, adding an extra stitch.

Practice Makes Perfect: As with any new technique, practice will help you master the yarn over (yo) increase. Incorporate it into a swatch or simple project to become comfortable with its execution and appearance.

Best Fabrics and Projects for the Yarn Over (yo) Increase

The yarn over (yo) increase is a versatile and widely used method in knitting. While it can be applied to various types of stitches and fabrics, there are certain contexts where it shines the most.

Best Uses for the yo Increase:

Lace Patterns:

Why: The yarn over is a staple in lace knitting, creating the open, airy holes that define lace patterns. It adds both functionality and beauty to the fabric.

Projects: Shawls, doilies, and lace scarves.

Eyelet Patterns:

Why: Yarn overs are essential for creating eyelets, which are decorative holes often used in patterns to add visual interest.

Projects: Baby blankets, summer tops, and light cardigans.


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