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Poppy Shop Patterns are designed with comfort, versatility and a little spice in mind. 

Uniqueness, clarity, and inspiration is always at the forefront when composing each pattern. My ultimate aim is to enhance your making experience and spark your individual creative expression.

"I hope you enjoy bringing my patterns to life as much as I enjoy designing them!"


The Oracle Hooded Vest_ Poppy Shop cover.jpg


Hello & welcome! I am so excited you have found your way here! From the moment I picked up my first crochet hook, I became hopelessly addicted. The designing process is something I find incredibly rewarding, challenging, frustrating, calming, maddening... and everything in between.

My passion for the fiber arts began with crochet pattern design, and soon grew to include knitting and yarn dyeing. I absolutely love all things creative and am constantly learning new art forms to add to my tool box. I love surprises, variety, and anything interesting and out of the ordinary.

To share my passion with others is something that brings me great joy and I hope something I will be lucky enough to continue to do for years to come. Each of my designs are thoughtfully crafted with comfort, versatility, and a little spice in mind. My aim is to create unique unconventional pieces that are both stylish and functional. 

I'm excited to see what creations you bring to life! Please share your finished projects with me by  hash-tagging #poppyshop #poppyshopcreative on any social media channel. I love seeing your artwork!

Please stop by again, as I am always adding new patterns and crafting tutorials to Poppy Shop!

❥ Dana

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