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Modified Single Crochet (msc)

Worked in the round, with no turns between rounds.

How to complete a modified single crochet: The modified single crochet results in a dense, warm fabric, with moderate stretch and has an appearance similar to a knit stitch. The modified single crochet stitch is almost identical to a basic single crochet, with some minor tweaks to technique and stitch placement. To complete the modified single crochet stitch, insert your hook under the right leg of the stitch, then under the front and back loops (as you would normally for a regular single crochet). Yarn over and pull through drawing it up a tad higher than working height (this well make the following rounds easier to execute). Yarn over and pull through.

When completing the modified single crochet correctly, the stitches should be worked into with ease (your hands should not be strained). You may need to loosen the tension a bit more than you are used to with a normal single crochet.

*I find the technique of using the hook end to pull the right arm toward the right and then slipping the hook through to the opposite side of your work. The hook should exit on the opposite side directly under the front and back loops (it should not exit in between the legs of the stitch on the opposite side of the fabric as it would with a traditional waistcoat stitch).

This stitch works well with patterns stitched in the round, with no turning between rounds.

Where the traditional waistcoat stitch is more similar in appearance to a knit stitch, the modified version is a bit more simple to execute (in my opinion) and results in a slightly more textured fabric.


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