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Linked Treble Crochet (ltr)

Linked Treble Crochet stitches offer the height of a regular treble crochet stitch, but with the added benefit of more structure and a less holey fabric. They also give a neat horizontal striping effect on one side of the fabric. Linked treble crochet stitches are usually abbreviated ltr, but may also be seen with the abbreviation ltc. Check out the picture tutorial below on how to complete a linked treble crochet stitch at the beginning of a round or row, as well as how to complete subsequent ltr stitches.

First ltr of a round or row:

Chain 3 & Pull up loops in 2nd & 3rd chains from the hook & in the first indicated stitch. [Yarn over & pull through 2 loops] until all loops have been worked.

Subsequent ltr stitches:

Pull up loops in the 1st and 2nd horizontal bars from the ltr stitch you just made, pull up a loop in the next stitch. [Yarn over & pull through 2 loops] until all loops have been worked.

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