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Left Lifted Increase (LLI) | Knitting Stitch Increase

The Left Lifted Increase (LLI) is a valuable knitting technique that adds a new stitch leaning to the left, perfect for shaping and maintaining the integrity of your project's pattern. This increase method involves lifting the left leg of the stitch from the row below and knitting into it to create a new stitch.

To execute the Left Lifted Increase (LLI):

  1. Identify the stitch two rows below the next stitch on your left needle. This is the stitch you will lift and knit into.

  2. Using the left needle, lift the left leg of this stitch from the row below onto the left needle. Be sure to lift it so that it sits untwisted and is ready to be knitted.

  3. Insert the tip of the right needle knitwise into the back leg of the lifted stitch. This means you'll insert the needle from the back to the front, through the stitch you just placed on the left needle.

  4. Knit the lifted stitch as usual. Pull the yarn through to form the new stitch.

  5. Slide the new stitch off the left needle. You have now completed the Left Lifted Increase (LLI).

By mastering the LLI, you'll be able to add stitches that blend seamlessly into your work, maintaining both the texture and directionality of your knitting. Happy knitting!


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