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Double Yarn Over (dyo) | Knitting

The Double Yarn Over (dyo) Stitch

The double yarn over (dyo) is a versatile knitting technique that adds flair and functionality to your projects. This method involves wrapping the yarn twice around the needle, creating two loops that can be manipulated in various ways on the following row. Perfect your knitting projects with this eye-catching and practical stitch.

To execute the double yarn over (dyo) stitch:

  1. Wrap the Yarn Twice: Begin by bringing the yarn forward as if to purl. Wrap the yarn over the right needle once, and then wrap it over the needle a second time. This creates two loops on the right needle.

  2. Continue Knitting: Proceed with the next stitch as instructed by your pattern, treating the double yarn over as a single stitch for now.

  3. Work the Double Yarn Over on the Next Row: When you encounter the double yarn over on the following row, you’ll need to manipulate these loops as specified by your pattern. Here are common ways to handle them:

  • Knit and Purl (K1, P1): Insert your needle into the first loop as if to knit and complete the knit stitch. Then, without dropping the stitch off the needle, bring the yarn forward and purl into the second loop. Slide both loops off the needle.

  • Drop One Loop: Sometimes, patterns require you to drop one of the loops off the needle, creating an elongated stitch. Simply knit into the first loop and let the second loop slip off the needle.

  • Knit Two Together (K2tog): Treat both loops as one and knit them together to create a more pronounced hole or eyelet.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: As with any new technique, practice will help you master the double yarn over. Try incorporating it into a swatch or simple project to become comfortable with its unique properties.

The double yarn over stitch opens up a world of creative possibilities in knitting, from airy lace patterns to intricate textures. With practice, you’ll be able to add this dynamic stitch to your repertoire, enhancing the beauty and versatility of your knitting projects.


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