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How to Wash Your Crochet Projects

Your crochet project has been through a lot while you've been constructing it, including being dragged over the floor, dirty hands, pet attacks, kitty slobber etc. In addition to cleaning your project, washing it may also help to relax the fibers as well as get out any excess yarn dye.

So How Do You Wash Your Crochet Project?

1) The first step is to read your yarn label for care instructions. It will tell you what fibers your yarn is made of, what temperature to use, and the best method of for cleaning the fabric made with that specific yarn.

2) Fill your tub or a bucket with lukewarm water. Make sure the vessel you are using is cleaned thoroughly before hand.

3) Add wool wash or other appropriate detergent for the specific yarn to the water in an appropriate amount for the size of your project.

4) Soak the project in the water until it is fully saturated. Make sure to be gentle with the fibers as you want to avoid damaging them or having them start to felt. You should allow your project to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes to ensure the fibers are fully saturated.

5) Drain the water and gently squeeze any excess water out of the fibers. Make sure not to wring or twist the fabric, as this may cause stretching, damage or felting.

6) At this point you will likely want to block your project, which will serve to help to shape your project and ensure it looks its best.

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