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How to Make Faux Fur Pom-Poms

I love fur pom-poms! Why buy pre-made pom-poms, when you can quickly and easily make them yourself at a fraction of the price. I've even made it simpler by adding a template with multiple sizes for you to print out!


  • Faux Fur

  • Razor Blade knife or precision knife

  • Polyfill for stuffing the pom-pom (or use scrap yarn ends)

  • Needle & thread (I like to use upholstery thread for its added strength). You may also choose to use yarn instead.

  • Sharpie

  • Scissors

Picking out your Faux Fur:

Take a trip to your local fabric store and check out the Faux Fur section. Look for fabrics that have the longest strands of hair in the colours of your preference. Some faux furs have very short hairs that won't give the same fabulous poofy effect. Generally fabric stores have a minimum amount you can purchase, so make sure the amount you choose will be wide enough to make your pom-poms. You may also want to check the fabric scrap or sample sections to see if there are any discounted pieces.

1) Print out the pom-pom template, and cut out your desired size. Trace around the template onto the wrong side of your fur fabric and then cut around the circle with a razor blade knife or precision knife. Do not use scissors to cut the fabric, or you'll end up with a pom-pom with a messy hairdo and fur bits everywhere :(

Download PDF • 394KB

2) Double up the thread on your needle (I like to use upholstery thread for its durability) and insert in to the wrong side of your fabric and do a small cross stitch to begin. Hand sew a loose running stitch around the outer edge on the wrong side of your fabric, several millimeters from the edge.

3) Pull on the tail ends of the threads to cinch the pom-pom about half way closed. Stuff with poly-fill or scrap yarn ends. Cinch the rest of the way closed and sew the opening securely closed.

Congratulations! You are a pom-pom making master!


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