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Make One Below (m1b) | Make One in the Stich Below Knitting Increase

Mastering the Make One Below (m1b) Increase in Knitting

The make one below (m1b) increase is a versatile knitting technique that subtly enhances your projects. Unlike traditional increases, the m1b involves creating a new stitch by picking up the strand below the next stitch on the left needle, resulting in a discreet yet effective increase. Perfect your knitting projects with this reliable and versatile stitch.

To execute the make one below (m1b) increase:

  1. Identify the Strand Below:

  • With the yarn at the back of your work, locate the stitch below the next stitch on the left needle.

  1. Pick Up the Strand:

  • Insert the tip of the right needle from back to front under the loop of the stitch below, lifting it onto the right needle. This loop becomes the new stitch.

  1. Knit Into the New Stitch:

  • Knit into the new stitch on the right needle as you would a regular stitch, completing the m1b increase. This step creates the new stitch. The new stitch will remain on the right needle, adding an extra stitch to your work.

Why the m1b Increase Excels in Stockinette Stitch:

  • Seamless Integration: The m1b increase seamlessly blends into the smooth texture of stockinette stitch, maintaining the fabric's consistency and appearance.

  • Subtle Appearance: The discreet nature of the m1b increase ensures that it does not disrupt the clean lines of stockinette stitch, making it ideal for shaping without altering the overall look of the fabric.

  • Enhanced Visual Interest: By adding an extra stitch below the surface, the m1b increase can subtly alter the appearance of stockinette stitch, creating the illusion of texture or complexity in the fabric.


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