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How to Add Fringe to Your Crocheted & Knitted Projects

Fringe is a common detailing in crocheted & knitted projects such as scarfs, afghans, shawls, poncho's, purses & apparel. It's incredibly simple to make and can really add that extra pizzazz to your projects!

1) Cut your yarn into equal lengths (if you are following a pattern, the length should be specified there). Remember you will be folding the strands in half, so the length you cut will be double the hanging length.

2) Group the strands of yarn together as specified by your pattern. For this example, we will be grouping 2 lengths of yarn together for each piece of fringe.

3) Fold your pieces evenly at the centre point, creating a loop.

4) Orient your project so that the right side is facing you and using a crochet hook, pull the centre loop through the stitch. Depending on your personal preference, you may want to pull the loop from the wrong side of your work to the right side, or vice versa (just make sure you do it the same way for each piece of fringe).

5) Feed the yarn ends all the way through the loop and pull them to secure in place.

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