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Crochet Romanian Cord

Romanian cords have stunning visual appeal and are well suited to a number of applications including purse straps, drawstrings, ties, and belts, just to name a few. You'll need to start with a few set up stitches, then just continue a simple stitch repeat for the remainder of the cord.

STEP 1 (set up stitches): Note: It is important to keep the tension quite loose.

  • Chain 2, then work a single crochet into the second chain from the hook. Keep note of the chain you did not work into, it will create a small loop.

Romanian cord step 1 : A


  • Rotate (twist) the cord clockwise 180 degrees and work a single crochet into the small loop.

STEP 2 (subsequent stitches): Rotate (twist) the cord clockwise 180 degrees, you will now see 2 loops running horizontally. Complete a single crochet, working into these two horizontal loops.

Repeat this step until your Romanian cord reaches your desired length.


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