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Knotless Starting Chain

Knotless Starting Chain



The knotless starting chain is and alternative starting technique to the slipknot in crochet. This method results in the elimination of the small bump that is created when using the slipknot method. The elimination of this small bump is a minor aesthetic detail, but is sure to satisfy the pickiest of perfectionists!

STEP 1: Drape the tail end of your yarn over your hook facing towards you, then cross it behind the working yarn, forming an X.

STEP 2: Pinch the point where the tail and working yarn cross to form an X. Yarn over and pull through to create your first chain (knotless starting chain).

STEP 3: Continue to chain as required for your specific project. You can let go of the pinch after the second chain is made without fear of it coming unraveled. After working into the knotless starting chain, you can pull the tail to cinch up the stitch for a perfectly clean knotless edge.

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