Super Tall Crochet Stitches | Double, Treble, Double Treble, & Triple Treble Crochet Stitches an

Standard and common crochet stitches include single, half double, and double crochet stitches. You may have noticed that as the height of each stitch increases, the drape of the fabric gets looser and there is more space in between stitches. Depending on what pattern or project you are working on, a taller or shorter crochet stitch may be more suitable. The names of all of these tall stitches can be confusing, so take a look at the chart below which simplifies the number of yarn overs in each stitch.

Tall Crochet Stitches Chart:

# of Yarn Overs: Stitch Name: Abbreviation:

1 Double dc

2 Treble tr

3 Double Treble dtr

4 Triple Treble trtr

5 Quadruple Treble qaudtr

6 Quintuple Treble quintr

7 Sextuple Treble sexttr

8 Septuple Treble septtr

9 Octuple Treble octr

10 Nonuple Treble nontr

To make it even easier to remember, think of the name of the tall stitch and + 1.For example treble (which means 3) + 1 means to start with 4 yarn overs. For another example octuple (which means 8) +1 means to start with 9 yarn overs.

To complete any tall stitch, start with the appropriate number of yarn overs on your hook. Then insert your hook into the appropriate stitch and yarn over and pull through two loops. Continue to yarn over and pull through 2 loops until there are no more loops on your hook.





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