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ONLINE CROCHET PATTERN: Lightweight and full of texture. This pattern uses under 1 skein of fingering weight yarn!

SIZE: Adult, one size.

SKILL LEVEL: Moderate.

YARN: Approximately 400 yards of fingering weight yarn.

HOOK: 5mm & 3mm crochet hooks


  • Scissors

  • Tapestry needle


  • Gauge is not super important for this design. Simply check that the length of the scarf will comfortably wrap around your head twice after completing round 1. You may choose to add extra length to your desire, just increase the number of fsc stitches in rnd 1.

  • If the number comes before the abbreviation for example: 2hdc, this means stitch the given number into the same stitch. If the number is given afterward, for example: hdc2, this means to half double crochet the given number over subsequent stitches.

  • Double check your stitch counts at the end of each row or round.



ch Chain

st Stitch

fsc Foundation single crochet

slst Slip stitch

dc Double crochet

dtr Double treble crochet

picot Picot stitch

hdc Half double crochet

hk Hook

yo Yarn over

hdc Half double crochet

3rd loops Thirds loops (see third loops under special stiches)

pm Place stitch marker

[ ] Repeat instructions between brackets as directed

pm Place stitch marker (mark the indicated stitch with a stitch marker)

RS Right side of the piece. The side that will be facing outwardly

WS Wrong side of the piece. The side that will not be facing outwardly



Third Loops (3rd loops)

There are half double crochet (hdc) stitches included throughout this pattern. Half double crochet stitches have a 3rd loop that is located just below the front loops. When instructed to stitch into the 3rd loop, only insert your hook into this loop (ignoring the front and back loops). This creates a braided look on the opposite side of the garment.

Note: You will only be working into the third loops when the wrong side of the garment is facing you for this pattern.


ch4, insert hk in 3rd ch from hk & slst, sk1, slst1 (equals 1 picot stitch).